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If you are reading this message on our website, then you are considering taking an important step--- joining a Jewish community, a place where you will be able to worship, to learn more about your heritage, and where you will feel at home.

I am very happy to be Jewish. And I am happy to be a rabbi, having come to the rabbinate somewhat later in life. As a rabbi, I count myself fortunate to serve Congregation Beth Sholom. This is a community where people are friendly, and have a willingness to learn, an appreciation for tradition, and a tolerance for meaningful change. Because people in this congregation relate to each other  cooperatively and constructively, we are able to spend our time doing what is important----learning, giving support to one another, and celebrating our Jewish tradition.

I love to learn and I love to teach. It is my hope that others will come to share the enthusiasm I feel for all aspects of Jewish life and be inspired to take an active role in this community. As the rabbi of Congregation Beth Sholom, I am delighted to be able to do my part so that Am Yisrael Chai, the Jewish people and Judaism live on from generation to generation.

I look forward to meeting you.

Rabbi Peggy Berman de Prophetis

Rabbi's Welcome

 Beth Sholom welcomes intermarried couples to our community. We treat everyone with warmth and respect. We are very enthusiastic about our traditions and the opportunities Judaism offers to make life more spiritual and meaningful. But we also recognize that our way is not the only path to a godly life. Our sages declared that the "righteous of all people will inherit the bliss of the hereafter."

We offer teaching and mentoring to help intermarried families feel comfortable in our synagogue community. And we offer opportunities for the non-Jewish partner to participate in our community's life. We hope you will join us.

It's been more than 7 years since "Welcome To Congregation Beth Sholom went on line." We'd like to take a moment to thank all the hard work David Wothers & Susan Auerbach put into our original CBSDover website.

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Congregation Beth Sholom is the wellspring from which we draw, helping us to grow from strength to strength

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A word from our President

Congregation Beth Sholom is the only conservative synagogue in Central Delaware. Our current facility was constructed in 1963. With pride, we remain committed to vibrant and contemporary programs for all, from our Hebrew school and bar and bat mitzvah classes and our Sabbath services, Friday night and Saturday mornings. We reflect very warm, accepting, personalized, and intimate bonds among the members of our Beth Sholom family. Traditional worship in an egalitarian setting, strong rabbinical support, opportunities for new friendship and spiritual growth, are part of our priorities and philosophy. Our facility is housed in a beautiful, recently refurbished, handicap-accessible building. I welcome your interest and inquiries at any and all times.  Please join us.  

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Cindy L. Konowitz, President